Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweat, solid waves, epic people

Hey everyone again!!!


Things are good here. The dog who tried to attack me on the first day is know sleeping at the foot of my tent. Our differences are now reconciled.

Since being here two weeks ago I really feel we've made some lifelong friendships with the local surfer guys. Like it seriously feels like I've known these boys for 6 months already. Prob my favorite thing so far is just to hang out with the guys. Actually one of the funnest moments was last night, it was a full moon, so a few of us went out with the local boys night surfing. Everyone was hooting and getting sick waves in the moonlight. So epic.

I'm really finding that my influence on these boys is growing everyday, so I'd love it if uz could pray that I'd continue to be a Godly example to them and be able to speak wisdom when the time comes. One of the photos is of me and Chewte (not sure how you spell that), he's prob my best mate here. You'll also see in another photo a couple of us in a kitchen. The Sri Lankan guy in the photo is Asanka. Asanka is pretty much the number one surfer in Sri Lanka. He runs a small cafe at the point which allows, he's an absolute champ and quite a humble guy.

Over the last few months Cody's been able to get alongside him and really wanted to bless him, so we've been doing a few service projects for him. We got to build him some kitchen benches and shelves for his cafe, make him a surfboard rack and redo his fence. I absolutely love doing these building projects.

What else, well the other day we went to the snake village to put a water purifier on their well. The snake village is pretty much the outcasts of society. I don't even know if they're legally allowed in the country. Their not part of the Tamal people group or of the Singelese and so they speak this really weird mixture of both. I mean I only know a few words in Tamal, but it was so hard to communicate. Anyways while a few of the team were doing the well, the rest of us played games with the kids and I don't think I've ever seen kids get so excited about playing what's the time mr wolf. The americans on the team thought the game was ridiculous and that I'd just made it up, but I don't care cause the kids loved it. Now please understand that I was running round in my thongs while all the other kids were bare foot, running round of thisles (massive ones, ones that make kids cry), and broken tiles, rubbish, etc. Somehow a piece of something slipped between my foot and my thong so I sat down to try pull it out. As soon as I did that basically the whole community gathered round pouring water on it and trying to assist. Then one guy pulls out a rusty safey pin and tries to jab it into my foot. As soon as one tried everyone was grabbing safety pins and trying to jab them in my foot. I tried to explain to them tetnis but I don't think they understood. Oh and we saw a cobra. Yewl!!

I'm pretty sure I've spoken about Cody and Tiff before, but they are an amazing couple with two little kids who have been here for 6 months know. Unfortunately they've had to go home to the states because Tiff's dad is in the last stages of cancer. Since being here they have had a huge impact on the community, like seriously kids are crying that they're leaving even though its only for a few months. So I'd appreciate it if uz could pray for the family and her dad and also pray for me and the small team in July that we'd be able to pick up where they left off.

Oh one more thing, I have no doubt in my mind that school teaching is not the job for me. The other day we went to a little primary school and had to teach english to the kids for the morning. Drove me and Victor absolutely crazy. My skill level at teaching children is probably 2 out of 10.

Other thoughts: missing u all, getting real good at speaking broken english. Had enough curry for two lifetimes. Definitely need to start cooking my own meals. Sri Lankan's are not very creative with their food at all. Although I really can't complain about the banana pancakes I've been having for breakfast, they're ace.

And finally, the surf has picked up today bout 5 foot, had the best session yet this morning.

Hope you enjoy the photos. And until next time Ponte vunga!

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