Sunday, December 11, 2011

Andy gets pitted at pipe!!

So you all know the pipe masters has just come to a close and to go and watch it live on the beach is like a dream come true. Super blessed to be able to do that. I know every one of the boys back home would be frothing to come. And to have two aussies in the final was so epic. I feel like the more I watch the waves the more I feel like I could drop into one, except the harsh reality is that I would probably do a bottom turn, try to pull in, only to have 400 tonnes of lip hit me in the head and push me down into the razor sharp reef. So yesterday I emailed my friend telling him that I got to go to the finals of the pipline masters, which was a dream of mine. This was his reply.

No way, the finals of the pipeline masters! That's sick mate! Does that mean there's a chance of money and rankings? (Although you're probably not interested in all that?) I hope you win! Good luck! Anyway I'm off to tell everyone I know my mates in the Pipeline Masters Finals!

The writer would like to remain anonymous.

If that's not a confidence booster I don't know what is. Thank you very much for believing in me.