Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shavers, Kiwi's and chlorine

Hey guys,

Another hot hot day in the life of Sri Lanka. I don't think I'll whinge about our summers again. Like our summers probably get similar to how hot this is, except I think I've spent my last 10 summers working in an air-conditioned office. First tip for overcoming the heat; don't eat big meals. Why on earth do I make the same mistake almost daily. Rice expands. 2. the ocean won't cool you down in the middle of the day. Feels like your swimming in a bath of urine. 3. Remember to put your drink bottle in the freezer. Tap water has so much chlorine in it, you have to freeze it to make it bearable. 4. Go for a tok tok ride. Tok tok is like a local taxi without doors. The breeze sometimes provides relief.

So aside from the heat here, I've been completely amazed at the quality of products or maybe the lack of. My electric face shaver I bought in America burnt out the other day because it was the wrong voltage so I went into town and bought a new one for $6. The new one gives a nice uneven shave, with a sort of ripping sensation, and if your fast you can make from one side of your face to the other before the battery runs out.

Down to business. We've been working on fixing the roof lately at the property. The job that should've taken a few days has spread out to a couple of weeks. Firstly if you order some timber on Monday, they will say they will deliver it on Monday, but in reality they won't even have cut the timber off the tree until Friday. Anyway its so funny cause there's a kiwi guy who runs the resort in front of us. Every time he goes past, he's giving us a hard time about the roof still not being finished. Even round the other side of the world I'm still being hassled by kiwi's.

Aside from that little rant, I do love the people (some of the people) here. It still feels a little bit like every person in town just sees dollar signs when they see me walking down the street, but there are some people in this town who are amazing friends. Especially the kids. There's six kids in particular who the Pastor looks after who are the most polite kindest little kids ever. They come from the snake village and although they have parents in the village the live in Aragum Bay know so that they'll be able to get a proper education. Prob one of my highlights is when they stop by in the mornings on the way to school to say hello. And they are nearly always smiling.

Anways that's all from me.

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  1. Rice expands. haha. ive never learnt this. gets me every time.