Friday, November 25, 2011

Rookie Thanksgiving

So this Thursday was my first ever real american thanksgiving. I anticipating a lot of food for the day and so didn't eat breakfast. We then started out the day at 9.30 in the morning by playing American football in the morning, like a legitimate game with rules and everything (obviously because I was playing with Americans). It was nothing like the few times we tried to play it at lunchtime at school. All I remember at school was you can pass the ball forward and can tackle people even if they don't have the ball. I recall people standing around confused and then getting hit it the back by someone tackling them. So back to my thanksgiving day game, within the first 20 minutes I was getting told off by my American friends, apparently you can't push someone over when they're about to catch the ball. After a while I got the hang of it, its actually pretty fun.

What happened latter in the day was obviously an extreme rookie mistake. So we have this massive lunch, turkey, cranberry sauce (which apparently is just jam). Side note; who puts jam on meat? Mashed potatoes, while we watch some football highlights on the big screen. Then.. we decided to go surfing straight afterwards. I was pretty reserved about the whole idea, tired and my legs were pretty stiff from football. So I paddle out with the boys, just paddling is making me feel sick already, and my head is starting to pound (think I hadn't drunk enough water that day). Then I get this sick wave, its absolutely pumping and I do a huge gouge in the pocket, and half way through my legs from my hips to my toes completely lock up and cramp. The surf was so pumping so I try paddle back out, but I couldn't pull my toes back round. The end.

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