Sunday, November 13, 2011


First of all I'm excited to say the Sri Lanka Dog Calendar 2012 is finished and nearly on the printers. Soooo, if any of you would like one, please get in early and email me or fb me. I cannot actually think of a better Christmas present for your mum. My email is Donations of $10 or more would be awesome. Donations of less than $10 is not that awesome. All proceeds will go to getting me back there next year, possibly even make a 2013 calendar.

Aside from spending time designing calendars I've actually been doing other things. Like today, Saturday, I went surfing at Lani's and I'm pretty sure I saw Rob Machado out in the water. Surf was pumping bout 4 foot offshore. He was sort of sitting on the inside. So I'm waiting out a bit further than him and can't quite make out if its him or just someone else with a dirty little beard and big hair. Then this punchy little left comes through (I haven't been surfing in a week so I was absolutely frothing) and I'm getting closer to where he's sitting and then this thing starts to pitch and I'm thinking, froth, I'm gonna get barrelled right in front of Rob Machado. I pull in and can hear a few people hooting, but realise I'm not gonna make it out and decide to punch through the wave. Next thing I know I pop my head up and my board comes flying back toward me and one of my fins hit me right in the eye. I instantly realise this is bad, cause I've seen what fins can do to people, so I decide to go in as fast as possible. Now I couldn't even open get my right eye open, was feeling pretty groggy and could see a little bit out of my left. So I will never actually be sure if it was Rob Machado hooting me in a barrel. As soon as I get to the beach I race to the lifeguard tower. No need for ambo's but I got a lift with a tourist back to Wahiawa and then to the hospital. What a nice dude. He'd only been in Hawaii 10 hours, but was kind enough to give me a lift. After a little bit of super glue and a sore head, all I'm left with now is a dirty big bruise.

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