Sunday, January 22, 2012

Departures, Arrivals, and Still Getting Lost

When thinking of what to write for my latest blog I could not go past putting a photo up of 3 of my closest friends. This is possibly the most epic Christmas card I've seen. I can't believe that they actually stayed not laughing enough to be able to take this photo. Thank you Robert, Zach and Zach.

Anyway last week was my first week in my new role internship staff with all the new interns having just arrived. After a month of preparing it was great to actually deal with people rather than just preparing for people to come. As a newly designated staff van driver I putting my directional skills to use by driving a 15 seat van to the Feeding The Hungry food distribution in Kalihi. After turning off the highway and back-trekking twice in opposite directions the interns were getting suspicious that I didn't know where I was going. The real clincher was when we ended up on an United States Airforce base. After asking for directions from the nice lady at the checkpoint we were finally on our way.

This wouldn't have been so bad, except that I'd already had one mishap with a airport pick-up earlier that week. No, this time it wasn't the arrivals and departures that confused me. It was more a case of trying to find out how to do a lap of the departures terminals. There were two directions I could have gone and of course I took the one that sent me back on the highway for several miles in the wrong direction. It is so frustrating when you turn off a road that you can't do a u-turn on, only to find out that you're on another road which you can't do a u-turn on. It a good thing that I know myself well enough to give a 15 minute allowance for getting lost. Thank you Janelle for being patient with the pick-up.

The first week of the internship has been memorable. This new crew of interns so far have been absolutely all star, and help create a diverse and exciting environment. I'm gonna elaborate more on this in my next newsletter. If you want to receive this and don't already, just send me your email address via facebook.

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